Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Reminiscing over you.........(My God)

I have lost more than a few friends to addiction, but these past few years have been the worst. This morning I was reminiscing over another friend that passed this year. So I wanted to post a song I wrote and recorded with a good friend of mine, Justin Stoltzfus. Justin is an extremely talented and accomplished composer/musician. Justin and I have been writing and recording a few things, so I will continue to post updates to keep yall abreast of the situ-ation.

Richard Tracy. He was a one of a kind. Still missing you Rich1, Cheers mate.

Click here for a song with no title. You will have to turn your pop up blocker off.

Or download here: http://www.zshare.net/download/52449200b63975f6/

I take another pill
to suppress the pain
I know it makes things worse
but still I can't refrain

The moment it kicks in
I can forget about it all
but it just pushes it down deeper
tangled up in a ball

of fear, anger, hate
and the feelings of despair
like I'm drowning in the ocean
always fighting for air

why can't i stop
or just put them away
I always need them near
I need that feeling to stay

I chase that first rush
try to get that first high
it's never like it was
no matter how much I try

I don't want it to continue
I don't want it to end
but I feel so alone
sometimes the emptiness is my only friend

I don't shoot it, I don't sniff it
so it seems more elite
and if I don't have it, or don't use it
most nights I won't sleep

it's not a problem or a habit
unless to it I admit
but that's not the case and I know it
trying to feed myself my own line of shit

An everyday occurrence
on an hourly basis
it sounds just like a habit
but I just cannot face it

It's not the high I rely on
it's my normalcy crutch on which I lean
in the mirror I see no junkie
but do others see a fien?

you say I might be hooked
and I say no I'm not
you say I should just shake it
I explain that it is all I've got...

Do I have to hit the bottom
or can I duck out while on top?
There is no time like the present
to make the move to stop.

for my family and my friends
for my future and my health
if not for my dad
I should do it for myself.