Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Auto-Tune at it's finest...

For all my friends that are Allen I.V. fans, here is one of the best uses of auto-tune I have ever seen. I give this to you courtesy of my fellow Englishman CK1ner, who just made it back safe from the motherland across the pond. Thank you CK1ner, I’m glad your dad was C3PO.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh snaps...you wouldn't believe me if I told you...

I got engaged this weekend. I'll have some updated photos soon*, but here is a super shitty shot from my phone.

*story and pics coming soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sharp Shooting Photog Snaps Sniper-Like Pics Unbeknownst To The Prey...

There is a road up in the hills that I like to take to clear my head. Great view, lots of sweeping turns, cliffs, mountains, and a bar at the top of the hill to get a beer and a steak sang-wich. I mob up there for breakfast sometimes...Just off of Mulholland Highway, Kaman Dume, and Litigo....all super money roads for a nice ride.

Apparently there is a photographer that snaps up pics around a few of the turns. He posts them on his Flickr page in shifts of am and pm. If you take the road both ways up and down the hill, he gets you at both angles. I was sweeping around one of the turns and this dude is sitting about three feet from the lane laying down taking my pic...

I was not expecting to see a human pointing shit at me that is flashing as I'm turning. At first I was pissed. Then I was telling the story to a buddy, who knew all about this dude. He directed me to his website Rock Store Photos and I figured out the deal. My buddy found a few pics of us rolling by and sent me the links. Homeboy sells these pics from 10 bucks up to 30 or so depending on the quality.

Call me a sucker, but I bought 3.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

High Bars and Low Cars bike and car show...

There is going to be a nice little bike and car show up the street this Sunday. $15 bucks a person, $25 per couple and kids are free. It's suppose to be nice weather too. Shine up your shit and roll up. It's right up the street.

6543 Corbin Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Natural History Museum's First Fridays with Z-Trip

One of the best albums I have ever owned in my entire life is called "Uneasy Listening" by a DJ that goes by the name of DJ Z-Trip. I have turned this album on to every single friend I have ever had. If you can't get down with that mix you are no friend of mine.

Z-Trip is also an amazing show to see. And lucky for us he will be in LA at the Natural History Museum for the summer's First Friday sessions this Friday. I suggest you get up to get down and peep this show. It's bananas.

Check out the map and outlay on Metromix .

Or you can check out the First Fridays directly on the Natural History Museum’s website .

Want to be able to hear DJ Z-Trip in the privacy of your own home? Check here for Free Downloads.