Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reflection Time?

2009 has been a rough road for me. Lot's of ups and downs. Reflecting has been a huge part of my life since my father passed. That event made me re-think my entire existance. And since that event occured, I have tried to make reflecting a daily ritual.

On my way home from work is when I reflect most often. I used to have a two hour commute home that gave me plenty of time to pick apart each part of the day. Eventhough my commute now is only about a half hour to an hour, (which happens to only be 12 miles...but that is 12 LOS ANGELES miles on surface streets downtown) it is still plenty of time to reflect on my day.

Most of what I have focused on in the past is how my day went at work. How I handled situations, whether or not I completed everything I needed to, or wanted to...Is my day set up properly for tomorrow? All work thoughts...

Things have changed lately. I have been focusing more on my dealings with people. Interactions with friends and family. Trying to reflect on relationships that matter most for the long haul.

I have been trying my hardest to not only acknowledge, but try to understand the mistakes that I make (with the end all goal of not making them twice or even more for that matter). It's not an easy task as one might think.

This year has been very tricky to say the least. My lady and I got engaged, My Grandmother passed away a few weeks shy of 96 years old, I moved in with my fiance, and my fiance's grandmother died as well. One of my dearest friends passed this year, which hit me much harder than I ever could have imagined. So much so, that I made it a point from that moment on to re-evaluate many of my close relationships. I have mended relationships, alongside of letting go of others.

Work has been a constant roller coaster of change, some which has been good, some which has been bad. I have made good decisions followed by terrible ones. So much has happened this year I wonder all of what I forgot too...alot would be an understatement.

Bottom line is this...2009 has been one of the most rewarding years of my life, while still maintaining in the top five devastating years of my life.

I have tried my hardest to truly learn from mistakes I have made this last year, and continue to learn as much as I can about myself, life, and happiness.

2010 will be a massive year for me personally. I know so, because I am going to make it so.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peace and Happiness

There are some things in this world that just bring you down so quickly that you forget all the rest that makes you feel so good. This past few months we have lost some of the best and closest people in our lives.. The fiance's Grandmother passed away Sunday at 73 years old....We just can't catch a break...

However, I woke up the other day with overwhelming positivity...I had my dog, my lady, a job, a roof over my head, a safe brother and sister, and my bike runs perfectly. I am healthy (as far as I can tell) and I am in a country that for the most part is free.

I also just got back from an amazing ride with my boys up to Solvang/Buelton that I will be posting pics of in a few days...

I need to continue to focus on the positive things in my life through the holidays...Miss my pops, miss my gma and miss my friend...But their memory lives as will I.

I hope you all are gearing up to have a great holiday.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back from the ride

In honor of our beloved friend Bryan Joplin AKA "The Champ", who passed in a car wreck on the way to Lake Havisu on September 10th, a few friends and I put together a memorial ride up to Big Bear. There wasn't much time to plan the ride, and we didn't exactly know how many people would be able to go, so we set a date and booked a few rooms up in Big Bear Lake.

Once others heard that there were actual plans made, dates set, and a secured destination, others started to join in. Before I showed up at the meeting spot, we had only 10 people going. When we finally left the meeting point we had about 25 people.

We met up in Huntington Beach early Saturday morning had breakfast and then hit the road.

I learned a lot from this ride. With this many people the group moves slowly. We lost half the group on freeway changes, our buddies old knucklehead broke down for a bit, but we were so far ahead, half the group didn't realize it. We all like to run fast, some faster than others.

We met back up again at a gas station off the 215 and regrouped. One of our other friends went rouge on us, and we ended up meeting up with him in Big Bear. We rolled up through the 15 to the 138 down through Crestline to the 38 to the 18.

We stopped off at Rim of the World Sports Bar in Crestline, to have a few Budwiesers for The Champ. They had a few impressive flat track bikes on display and a ton of memorabilia hanging on the wall. The owner, Cliff was working the bar and was one of the nicest and knowledgeable guys I had ever met. He was very accommodating to our group, and even let us know that he would be happy to help host a poker run next year.

After we said our goodbyes there, we headed over to Chad's place to meet up with Neil who had gotten lost from the group at the 15. We broke off from those that were not planning to stay the night, and headed over to the motel to unpack. Only about half the group ended up staying the night. We found a motel that was very friendly to the bikes. They let us park under the awning directly out front of the front doors, and gave us rooms that had views of the bikes from the rooms. They even had towels up front to wipe your bikes down.

We went to Murray's bar next to Chad's and had some dinner and beers. We got smashed and sang some kereoke and took the party back to the motel.

Woke up quick, at about 8am, hungover and not looking forward to the early take off ride. We got packed up and took off for the ride home about 9. Hit some breakfast and got on it. Beautiful ride down the hill, and split at the 10. I headed back to Downtown, and them to Huntington Beach...

Awesome ride, really glad the folks were able to pull it together and make it work. Good times...

Friday, October 16, 2009

We are leaving tomorrow morning...

Looks like we are going to have a good group with us for this little run. Hopefully next year we can be more prepared and make it a larger more put together run. Can't wait to mob out with the boys. Nothing clears your head like sharing a lane with your best friends.

Looking forward to it boys. The Champ would be proud.

Monday, October 05, 2009

OTM Presents: 1st Annual RuffRyder Joplin Motorcycle Run

We are getting a late jump on this, however OTM would like to invite all of you out to the 1st Annual RuffRyder Joplin Motorcycle Run up in Big Bear the weekend of October 17th-18th.

This being the first year, we are a little unorganized and don't have all the things in place that we would like. However, what we do have is a reason to ride and a destination. That's more than enough for us.

When: October 17-18

Where: Big Bear Lake (Lodging this year is at the world class Best Western)
Best Western Big Bear Chateau

Why: Because one of our brothers, Brian Scott Joplin (RIP) has fallen, and the best way for us to show our grattitude to him as our friend is to get together and do what he loved to do: lay the hammer down and ride hard.

Sack up and get your bike ready. All you need is two wheels. Everyone is welcome, no judgement passed.

After this ride, we will have a better feel for next years lodging and routes. Hit me up if you need any other information: mattfromotm@yahoo.com

See you there.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rest in Peace Bryan Scott Joplin aka "The Champ"


Even a punch from you couldn't pain me so much. I'm floored, still...I'm sure that everyone who has ever met you feels the same, seeing as how many people you have touched. You were like a brother to me. You and I spent countless nights up talking about family, the hard times we have had growing up, the gap in our lives where our parents should have been, and the love we have for them anyway. The OTM family was your family as much as it is mine, and we are all feeling the pain so deep in our hearts that it's still like a bad dream. As you did for all of your friends, you accepted us as we were...all faults aside.

No one in this world could talk on the phone for as long as you could. I used to wonder how the hell you had so much to talk about!!! but looking back, it's those phone calls that I will miss the most. August 8th was the last day I spoke to you...The day after my bday and the day before yours. You and I have shared our birthdays and parties for 12 years. 12 glorious years, that seem more like an entire lifetime than a number...So many words come to mind when I think of you...

Words like character, integrity, laughter, happiness, friendship, pride, camaraderie, love, understanding, family, brotherhood, sense of humor, joy, empathy, sympathy, and mediator. You had a gift of making people calm down, or get riled up. Remember when you broke my ribs and knocked me out? Well, I really deserved that...a few times I probably deserved that, and I thank you for it. (I didn't at the time of course) but I thank you. The amount of crazy women in your life was a constant source of amazing conversation. I will never forget the late night talks about (you know who) and what we were going to do about it. Those were some of the most special times I had the pleasure of spending with you.

You were the nicest easiest going true friend a man could ask for. I always knew what I was getting with you. You never turned your back on me. No matter how much of a douche bag I was being. You were ALWAYS top notch. I could always count on you. I miss Sundays on England, then Deleware, then Alabama, then Hartford, then Cardinal...Although I moved 100 times, my sundays were consistant...and you were always there at least a few times a month.

I have been a wreck man..and I can only imagine all those others I will see tomorrow at your funeral. I know at least 100 people that I met through you somehow. Everyone loves you Bryan. I have been overwhelmed with the out pour of love that has come my way since this tragedy.

I miss all the times...the "too many to list" times, and those "can't tell anyone about" times...Wrecking havoc at The Pen, Hurricanes, La Capilla, Perqs, and late night trips to Hilltop. Glueing Todd's head together, killing all the Jack in the bar, and full bodied budwiesers all night long. You liked to disagree...Bud over Coors, Ford over Chevy, you always liked to playfully argue.

Those late nights where you would walk across the alley and come visit me with some buds and some smoke. It was always a pleasant surprise. I miss sitting in the kitchen with you and Todd, having GUY jump on my leg and crawl all the way up to my shoulder...scaring the shit out of me...

You never judged people. You were the most accepting person I have ever met. Your laugh, your smile, and your high pitched as voice..."I KNOW RIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTT?????" I will miss that so much Bryan. Or you screaming ROUGH RYDERS!!!! with Todd and Neil...

But mostly, I will miss those bear hugs. Those rib crushing forehead to forehead smashing of my body bear hugs. Your grip was as strong as our friendship. I am so proud to be able to call you one of my best friends.

You were one of the greats Bryan. No one you met could disagree or forget. You will live on in our hearts and minds forever. If I ever have a son, I hope that he has half the principals you have, and grows up to be the kind of man you were.

I love you Bryan Joplin. You were always undefeated in my mind. (No one cares about Mexico anyway). Say hello to my father up there brother...I will miss you with my entire soul.

Matthew Wolcott
Your OTM Family.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking a break...

I'll be taking an extended break for a bit...see you soon.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Auto-Tune at it's finest...

For all my friends that are Allen I.V. fans, here is one of the best uses of auto-tune I have ever seen. I give this to you courtesy of my fellow Englishman CK1ner, who just made it back safe from the motherland across the pond. Thank you CK1ner, I’m glad your dad was C3PO.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh snaps...you wouldn't believe me if I told you...

I got engaged this weekend. I'll have some updated photos soon*, but here is a super shitty shot from my phone.

*story and pics coming soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sharp Shooting Photog Snaps Sniper-Like Pics Unbeknownst To The Prey...

There is a road up in the hills that I like to take to clear my head. Great view, lots of sweeping turns, cliffs, mountains, and a bar at the top of the hill to get a beer and a steak sang-wich. I mob up there for breakfast sometimes...Just off of Mulholland Highway, Kaman Dume, and Litigo....all super money roads for a nice ride.

Apparently there is a photographer that snaps up pics around a few of the turns. He posts them on his Flickr page in shifts of am and pm. If you take the road both ways up and down the hill, he gets you at both angles. I was sweeping around one of the turns and this dude is sitting about three feet from the lane laying down taking my pic...

I was not expecting to see a human pointing shit at me that is flashing as I'm turning. At first I was pissed. Then I was telling the story to a buddy, who knew all about this dude. He directed me to his website Rock Store Photos and I figured out the deal. My buddy found a few pics of us rolling by and sent me the links. Homeboy sells these pics from 10 bucks up to 30 or so depending on the quality.

Call me a sucker, but I bought 3.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

High Bars and Low Cars bike and car show...

There is going to be a nice little bike and car show up the street this Sunday. $15 bucks a person, $25 per couple and kids are free. It's suppose to be nice weather too. Shine up your shit and roll up. It's right up the street.

6543 Corbin Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Natural History Museum's First Fridays with Z-Trip

One of the best albums I have ever owned in my entire life is called "Uneasy Listening" by a DJ that goes by the name of DJ Z-Trip. I have turned this album on to every single friend I have ever had. If you can't get down with that mix you are no friend of mine.

Z-Trip is also an amazing show to see. And lucky for us he will be in LA at the Natural History Museum for the summer's First Friday sessions this Friday. I suggest you get up to get down and peep this show. It's bananas.

Check out the map and outlay on Metromix .

Or you can check out the First Fridays directly on the Natural History Museum’s website .

Want to be able to hear DJ Z-Trip in the privacy of your own home? Check here for Free Downloads.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Miss Derringer playing tonight at Spaceland with Riverboat Gamblers....

Attn Folks!

Hairroin Sponsored Artist Liz Mcgrath and her band Miss Derringer will be playing tonight!!! Come one, come all!!!

Miss Derringer will be playing tonight at Spaceland in LA with Riverboat Gamblers. This will be there last show before they go on tour with Girl in a Coma this summer.

Miss Derringer just dropped a new album, and my advice is cop that shit! It's dope.

Check out there myspace page at Miss Derringer . You can check out some of their new jams as well as some updated news and videos.

Be there or be square.


Liz McGrath (vocals)
Morgan Slade (guitar)
Sylvain de Muizon (bass)
Cody James (drums)
Ben Shields (lead guitar)

Contact Info

Management: David Bason / david.bason@gmail.com

Publicity: Rey Roldan; Another Reybee Production / info@reybee.com

Agent: Ian Fintak; The Agency Group / ianfintak@theagencygroup.com

Nice bottle of Tequila here...

Our boys over at Tequila.net brought this bottle to our attention. Reminds me of my Dad.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Laughlin Run....

Last weekend we bombed out the the Laughlin Moto Run....This year the attendence was pretty low over all. Comparing to last year it was almost half the people. What they lacked in attendence, they made up with bazillions of Cops.

We left LA about 4pm and got into Bullhead City about 10pm. We had four bikes on the way out, all but me with ladies on the back (Janine couldn't make it), so we had a lot of stops and dicking around which was fine by me. I don't like making the long journeys at night...There really is no scenery once the sun is all the way down. The new bars are much more comfortable than I expected.

Met up with the rest of the folks and ended up having 12 bikes and 16 people all staying with Jason's dad Clem...We had some great rides while out there. My favorite was up to Oatman, and over the mountain. Minus the donkeys in the roads, the hundreds of cops watching every single thing that goes on (busting fools for two miles over the speed limit), a few head on crashes of people who don't belong on bikes, and the heat, it as a great trip. No mishaps through our group, everyone road safe, no breakdowns and tons of beer. Good times, good times.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RIP Brad...

April 29, 1992...there was a riot in the streets tell me where were you?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I haven't been yet, but the exhibit looks amazing. Janine and I are going to check this out before it leaves town.

Steady bandito steeze.


Here is a brief description:

All over the world, stories and folktales are told about certain bandits who stand for social justice. Often, the popular mind converts real historical figures such as Tiburcio Vásquez and the leaders of the Mexican Revolution of 1910 into folk heroes. In other cases, popular culture shapes distinct and more satisfying characters out of historical composites, like Robin Hood or Joaquín Murrieta. Sometimes fictional bandit heroes, such as Zorro, the Cisco Kid, and the Bandit Queen, fill a social and cultural need. These characters assume a vitality that often penetrates all of popular media, including film, art, costume, radio, television, and the commercial world of children's products.
This exhibition focuses on the Latino experience and the interplay of fact and fantasy in the depiction of Latina and Latino "noble bandits."

Monday, April 06, 2009

Getting there...


The bike has been on the rack for about a month....major overhaul getting it ready for Laughlin. Should be done by next weekend.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

F*^#K Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is a joke.

First I buy four tickets for $25 each and opt for will call pick up to save the extra $2 per ticket, still the bill is $146.

Where the fuck does the other $46 bucks come from? Who knows? I’ll tell you who knows, No One…that’s who. Sure as shit not Dickletmaster.

The concert is being held at the wonderful Henry Fonda Theater.

I see bands at Fonda for a few reasons:

1. No seating chart, the general admission is awesome in any spot
2. A gang of different bars inside as well as a patio on the roof (for when the opening band sucks)
3. It’s close to my house
4. Easy access (parking is easy also)
5. There is a bar you can wait for your friends at next door to meet up
6. Age requirement on most shows

But it turns out Ticketmaster over sold them. Last night’s show was oversold and the fire marshal shut them down before they could play. Turns out they over sold tonight’s show as well, and moved tonight’s venue.

To top this experience off, I get an email from Goldenvoice telling me the venue has changed. I go to Ticketmaster.com to find out that they have not updated their website or their customers and it’s about three hours until show time???? WTF???? I get a courtesy email from Ticketmaster’s competitor and not the company I ordered the tickets from? Imagine if I had received no email? Oh man, I can’t imagine at all. My temper could not handle even the thought.

What do I get at Nokia?

1. A long list of shit that is such a pain in the ass that I cancel the damn order all together.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miss Derringer Video Shoot "Better Run Away From Me"

Last Saturday I went up to the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset to see my friends Liz and Morgan's band Miss Derringer film a new video for their song "Better Run Away From Me". Check out Miss Derringer's Myspace here: Miss Derringer

It was good times as always with Liz, Morgan and the crue. here is a little live footage of a show of theirs if you are not familiar with the band:

Friday, January 09, 2009

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Keeping the streets safe from pesky artists...

Under the Influence - The Official Art Tribute to Beastie Boys

Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight (G1988) on Melrose and La Brea opens again tonight with: Under the Influence - The Official Art Tribute to Beastie Boys The exhibit is 100 Artists remixing the music, style and visuals of the musical pioneers we like to call THE Beastie Boys. Starts tonight at 7pm and will run until about 11pm. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Gramercy Housing Group(which is the charity the band chose).

Last minute artist additions? Shepard Fairey and legendary photographer, Glenn E. Friedman.

It's gonna be nuckin futs.