Wednesday, March 11, 2009

F*^#K Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is a joke.

First I buy four tickets for $25 each and opt for will call pick up to save the extra $2 per ticket, still the bill is $146.

Where the fuck does the other $46 bucks come from? Who knows? I’ll tell you who knows, No One…that’s who. Sure as shit not Dickletmaster.

The concert is being held at the wonderful Henry Fonda Theater.

I see bands at Fonda for a few reasons:

1. No seating chart, the general admission is awesome in any spot
2. A gang of different bars inside as well as a patio on the roof (for when the opening band sucks)
3. It’s close to my house
4. Easy access (parking is easy also)
5. There is a bar you can wait for your friends at next door to meet up
6. Age requirement on most shows

But it turns out Ticketmaster over sold them. Last night’s show was oversold and the fire marshal shut them down before they could play. Turns out they over sold tonight’s show as well, and moved tonight’s venue.

To top this experience off, I get an email from Goldenvoice telling me the venue has changed. I go to to find out that they have not updated their website or their customers and it’s about three hours until show time???? WTF???? I get a courtesy email from Ticketmaster’s competitor and not the company I ordered the tickets from? Imagine if I had received no email? Oh man, I can’t imagine at all. My temper could not handle even the thought.

What do I get at Nokia?

1. A long list of shit that is such a pain in the ass that I cancel the damn order all together.

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