Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In Memory of "Juanito" John Baldridge Wolcott

It's been six years today. I miss you very much and think about you daily. Love and respect.

Taken from Mexico's "Gringo Gazzette" written by Mary Jane Healy:

Gringo Gazette North Article

John "Juanito" Wolcott, 59, Supported Drug Treatment Centers
Well known addictions counselor in Ensenada


John B. Wolcott, known as Juanito to his many friends, died in an automobile accident Tuesday, February 21 on the south bound toll road in Rosarito. Family and friends learned of his death February 28th after friends notified his family that he hadn't been seen or heard from in a week. Juanito was 59 years old. His untimely death weighs heavy in the hearts of his family and friends who loved and cared about this great man. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Juanito retired to Ensenada from Huntington Beach about 6 years ago after raising a family. Juanito grew up in Minnesota where his father was a Minnesota State Senator. After graduation, he worked at Xerox and Eastman Kodak in Chicago and then in Southern California.

Juanito was well known and liked in both the American and Mexican communities living in and around Ensenada. He had a hearty laugh, kind heart and a mischievous smile. Everyone knew and loved the big guy! He was a great conversationalist as well as a great singer. Juanito was well known at the Bahia Hotel for his fabulous karaoke voice and the patrons clapped and cheered after he sang one of his signature Elvis songs.

Juanito helped raise money and support for several Mexican Addiction Treatment centers in Ensenada. He generously volunteered his time to teach the residents English to enhance their working skills when they left the treatment facility. He also helped others in need when everyday difficulties surfaced in their lives.

Juanito is survived by his Mother, Margaret, his brother Ray (both of Escondido California) and his three children, Matt, and J.P. and Kimberly, and many good friends whose lives the big guy touched.