Monday, February 22, 2010

40 oz. Coozies

Why did I not manufacture this when I first thought of it? Probably because I was hammered.

But whoever finally did the task is a hero. $8.99. Not bad.

Here is the description off the website for the 40 oz. Coozie with the cigarette and lighter holder:

Back by popular demand we've re-introduced the black-out cozy. They are all-black and come with a smoke-holder and velcro-on lighter holder for easy access to all your vices.

Our flagship product, the 40cozy, was invented out of necessity. One cold December night in Berkeley 40cozy’s two founders were drinking malt liquor on the roof. With their fingers freezing and 40’s getting warm, Carlos became inspired, ran inside and came back out with his 40 stuffed in an oven mitt.

All our koozies feature 40cozy’s trademark handle and are made from high quality neoprene to keep your hands warm and your beer cold.

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