Friday, December 05, 2008

Camp Freddy at The Roxy Theatre

Tuesday night a couple of friends and I went down to The Roxy Theatre to see a band called Camp Freddy. I had did not recognize the band name at first, but I was told that I was “in for a treat” and that “I would love them”. So I agreed to go for two reasons:

1. I like music, and I was invited by a friend of mine that has amazing musical taste (he likes what I like)
2. I was assured we would not wait in line.

Turns out, Camp Freddy is a collective with some pretty amazing artists. And because I am horrible with band names as it is, Camp Freddy did not ring a bell. Not to mention no one bothered to remind me that it was that “one” band that has:

Dave Navarro - guitar
Matt Sorum - drums
Billy Morrison - guitar/vocals
Donovan Leitch - vocals
Chris Chaney – bass

Guess who else graced the stage? Steve Jones from THE SEX PISTOLS, Billy Duffy from THE CULT, Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd, that one dude with the MASSIVELY large fake teeth on E channel….what’s his name….oh yeah, Mark McGrath, and the lead singer or Godsmack, Sully Erna among others that I forgot.

It was pretty intense. They sang covers from Zepplin to the Sex Pistols. I was really impressed at how good some of those stars were live. Puddle of Mudd? Godsmack? Mark McGrath? I mean, lets face it, these are not my types of bands, however they killed it. I was truly surprised.

Anyway, Camp Freddy has a residency at to The Roxy Theatre for the rest of December, every Tuesday. It is worth seeing. They go on late, and play for longer than expected, which was nice.

Here is a clip from Tuesday:

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